B Marie is owned by Brittney Marie Boothe Shelton. Brittney opened her store in May of 2012. She attended St. Paul Catholic and Shiner public schools. She graduated from Wimberley High School and continued her education at Texas State University. As a very young girl, she learned the knowledge of the fashion industry and competitive market by attending the Dallas Fashion and Gift Markets. Fashion seemed like the right direction for her life. She already knew how to run a business from family and knew how to buy, knew what she liked and most important, what the customers want and love. Brittney buys unique and affordable fashions for the woman who wants to stand out in the crowd. At B'Marie, we don't follow the trends, we start the trends for others to follow. Now, four years later, Brittney is married, gave birth to her first son and now he is in the business with her everyday where she can nurture him and be with him as he grows. Our customer base has expanded in these years. Customers quickly turn from regulars to good friends. People are finding us and driving to Shiner from all over Texas to shop with us to experience the small town hospitality that brings them back time and time again. If you are that woman who wants to stand out in the crowd, then B'Marie is the perfect store for you. We invite you to shop online at our website and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest trends and styles available.

B'Marie Boutique : 709 North Ave. E, Shiner, Texas 77984